YouTube TV surround sound is finally coming to Apple TV and Fire TV

In June, YouTube TV announced that 5.1 audio is supported on Google TV, Android TV, and Roku. But good news for those using the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV platforms, surround sound is finally available to them. This comes more than a year after the initial announcement of Dolby 5.1 support on these platforms.

Indeed, a long time ago, the company promised to release the improved audio streaming capability for the platforms mentioned before. Prior to this launch, she claimed that she ” always worked internally and with partners “. Separately, YouTube TV said on Twitter that surround sound will be available to game console users as soon as possible, that they are working on it.


The history of YouTube TV’s 5.1 surround sound

Last year, Google announced plans to add 5.1 audio capability for YouTube TV. This had coincided with the launch of the 4K Plus package which improves video quality and makes it possible to play back recordings offline. Google’s promise at the time was that support would be available within weeks.

In the end, it took longer than expected. It wasn’t until February that YouTube product manager Neal Mohan confirmed on The Vergecast that the feature will be coming soon. Users now have access to live TV, DVR, surround sound, 4K streaming and offline viewing. Note that to reproduce the experience of cable television via streaming, you have to pay a total of $85 or €85.27 per month.

How do I check that a channel supports surround sound?

It is important to specify that not all channels support Dolby 5.1. There is a way to tell if a stream has it or not. First of all, you have to go to the Statistics menu which is located under the controls of the player.

Thereafter, click on More and then select the bug icon. If you see the audio codec listed as AC-3 / EAC-3 there, the stream does indeed support 5.1 surround sound. This is automatically activated.



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