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YouTube TV finally supports 5.1 audio on Apple TV

If we judge the product and only the product, the Apple TV 4K is, with the NVIDIA Shield, the best TV box available today on the market. The interface is still just as fluid, well thought out and pleasant, and benefits from almost all streaming services with content available in the best audio and video quality standards. The Apple TV application is also a plus for aggregating almost all of its programs in one place.

Still, we can’t help but wonder if Apple TV 4K still makes sense in 2021, except for die-hard fans of the brand. Many connected televisions offer the same advantages as it, with interfaces that have greatly improved over time. Even better, the Apple TV app is available on almost all connected TVs. So, of course, the user experience offered by Smart TVs is perhaps less shimmering. Yes, there are sometimes some slowdowns. But the Apple TV 4K costs between 199 and 219 euros, a very high price which can ultimately lead to some concessions.

Similarly, if you have an old model of Apple TV under tvOS, prefer to buy the new remote control which concentrates most of the improvements of this new model. It will still be a few tens of euros earned, to invest for example in your SVoD subscriptions.

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