young Britons prefer pizza to traditional fish and chips

The world is changing, and changing eating habits across the globe are always there to remind us. A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom has just revealed that the attraction of young Britons for fish and chips has been declining, while it remains a dish still very popular among older people.

The study looked at the consumption habits and favorite takeaway meals of young Britons. And it appears that only one young person under 25 out of fourteen will give priority to fish and chips, preferring “Chinese food” or a pizza, reports YouGov.

“The generation gap is clear: Chinese food and pizza are most popular among 18-24 year olds, while only 7% opt for fish and chips. The older you get, the greater the enthusiasm for the traditional dish, which reaches 10% in the age group between 25 and 49, 22% between 50 and 64, with a peak of 36% among those over 65. year”

The study also looked at possible political divisions in the consumption of fish and chips. Results ? “25% of pro-Brexit voters prefer tradition, while among pro-EU voters only 16% order fish & chips.”

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