you will never guess who will replace Florent Pagny (and hit the jackpot)!

If he recently reappeared radiant on Instagram and reassuring about his state of health, Florent Pagny, who has been fighting cancer for several months, must however think about rest.

The production of The Voice therefore, with sadness and regret, had to find a replacement for him for the next season of the tele-hook broadcast on TF1. And a worthy replacement!

It must indeed be said that she did not take the first comer… quite the contrary. The teams have been renegotiating with a huge French star who has long declined the invitation.

find in your Public magazine available on newsstands today, all the information on the taking up of post by Patrick Bruel, darling of the French, in the program hosted by Nikos Aliagas.

What did he manage to negotiate? Why had he always refused this golden job? All the answers and much more are to be found in your favorite people magazine!

As for our dear Florent Pagny, after recovery and rest, he will surely have enough projects to occupy his days, which we wish him to be full of serenity.

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Apolline Demarchelier

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