“Without Laeticia, Johnny would be…”, one of the rocker’s most faithful friends confides in confidence that will not please everyone!

Daniel Angeli is not a photographer like the others. During his career, the one who is nicknamed the “king of the paparazzi”, has developed a certain complicity with several personalities. Thanks to his lens, the 78-year-old artist notably met his ” best friend », Yves Rénier, but also Johnny Hallyday who will become one of his favorite subjects. For more than 15 years, the photographer will immortalize the daily life of the Taulier. Clichés that he shared in his work in collaboration with Bernard Pascuito “Johnny”, published by Gründ editions in 2017.

Recently interviewed by our colleagues from Gala, Daniel Angeli confided in his meeting with the rocker. ” It was in Gstaad, where he was on vacation with Laura and Lætitia “, he first explained before continuing: “ I saw him at a terrace, so I went up to him and asked him, ‘Can we have a date with you?’ He said to me: ‘No’. I say to him: ‘Why, Johnny?’ He said to me: ‘You made me lose 5,000 places at Bercy’. He was talking about a photo I had taken the year before where he was leaving Papagayo, a nightclub, carried by bodyguards. The two women talked during this time. The next day, I received a phone call intended for me. It was Johnny Hallyday, he said to me: ‘This morning I’m going skiing, I want you to come with me’. It was that first meeting that really attached me to him. He then asked me to join him in New York. It lasted twenty years. But to be honest, I never thought I would have this chance, because it was a real luck for me. »

“She blocked access to all the bottles of alcohol”

During his interview, the photographer also had the opportunity to speak about the relationship between Lætitia Hallyday and the interpreter of “L’Envie”. For him, it seems obvious that if Jade and Joy’s mother had not been present alongside the artist, he would have left us much earlier. ” Lætitia prevented him from smoking too much, she blocked access to all bottles of alcohol, etc. Without her, I think he would have left at least two years sooner… You know, I went to visit him at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and I can tell you that there he really failed die. “Tender confidences.


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