With watchOS 9, the Apple Watch in the deep end

watchOS 9 contains a lot of new features for monitoring sports activities, such as support for triathlon or even support for new measurements (stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation). The manufacturer also takes the opportunity to improve the life of swimmers: detection of the swimming board and monitoring of the Swolf score are there.

Images: Apple

The Apple Watch is not the only watch capable of giving more to swimmers, but of course the Apple intends to strengthen its positions among these athletes. The manufacturer therefore recalled that the athletes of the Australian national swimming team, nicknamed the Dolphins, use the connected watch and the Exercise app to monitor their performance whether in the pool or at sea.

Data is the key ingredient when it comes to preparing high-performance results for our athletes says Jess Corones, Performance Solutions Manager for Team Swimming Australia. And wearing an Apple Watch also increases the motivation of the athletes, which allows to collect more data points.

Picture: Apple

Apple’s promotional article also shows that the iPad is widely used during training, the tablet allowing athletes and coaches to have a quick view of race sequences and the health of swimmers. Swimming Australia has even developed an application, Locker, for collecting data (taken from HealthKit) and displaying it. What a pity that the iPad does not synchronize the measurements collected by the Apple Watch, as on the iPhone!

The Apple Watch still in the small pool

The Apple Watch still in the small pool


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