Will Apple develop iPads with a “hybrid” OLED display?

In 2017, with the iPhone X, Apple finally brought OLED technology to iPhone users. Compared to LCD screens, which are still found on the iPhone SE 2022, OLED type screens provide better image quality. And the technology also enables a reduction in energy consumption.

Apple is still thinking about its future OLED iPads

Today, high-end iPhones (therefore, excluding iPhone SE) all use OLED screens. However, iPads still use LCD screens, or mini-LED type screens.

However, rumors have been circulating for a while about the iPad (or at least some models) possibly switching to OLED technology for the screen. And today, it becomes clearer.

Indeed, according to an article published by the Korean sire The Elec, it is possible that for its future iPads with OLED screen, Apple will use a type of screen called hybrid OLED.

But what is it?

There are two types of OLED screens: rigid OLED screens and flexible OLED screens. Flexible screens, with this flexibility, give builders greater design freedom.

However, as The Elec explains, there is a trade-off. Indeed, unlike rigid OLEDs, flexible ones tend to wrinkle on certain parts of the screen.

This problem would not really be one on smartphones. Because these crumpled parts would usually not be visible on small screens.

However, they can be a problem on larger formats, such as tablets. And we all know the importance that Apple places on the design of its products.

The solution currently being considered by Apple would therefore be the use of “hybrid” OLED screens on its future iPads.

“Hybrid OLED panels refer to OLED panels that use both rigid OLED panel and flexible OLED panel technologies. Rigid OLED panels use glass as substrates while flexible OLED panels use plastics __ mostly polyimide __ that are encapsulated for protection. A hybrid OLED panel uses a glass substrate like rigid OLED panels do, but also uses the thin-film encapsulation of flexible OLED panels”explains The Elec.

We would have to wait a few more years

But for the moment, at this stage, nothing is certain. And as usual, since this information is unofficial, caution is still in order. Moreover, according to the Korean media, these famous OLED iPads with hybrid technology will not arrive anytime soon. He believes that these tablets would only arrive in “a few years”.

In any case, like the arrival of the iPad Pro with mini-LED screen instead of LCD technology, the arrival of iPad with OLED screens could be a small revolution for the Apple ecosystem.

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