Why you shouldn’t wait for the Apple Watch Series 8

We’re only a few months away from a possible announcement of the Apple Watch Series 8. With it, we’re expecting slight upgrades to the Series 7, delivering a few new features we didn’t have before. However, is the Apple Watch Series 8 worth the wait?

No design changes from the Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 8 should have the same look and feel as the Series 8. That said, the next version of Apple Watch should have a 41mm and 45mm option. Apple Watch sizes usually last for three sets before the company upgrades the size. So it’s likely the size of the watch won’t change until Series 10 or with the release of a special edition watch like the rumored rugged Apple Watch.

As well as keeping the same look, it’s likely the Apple Watch Series 8’s processor will stay the same as the Series 6 and 7 models, according to Bloomberg.

Few new features on the Apple Watch Series 8

It was predicted by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the Apple Watch Series 8 will include a body temperature sensor. This feature may notify the watch owner if they have a fever. Although there are many rumors circulating, it is not certain that this will happen, as the body temperature sensor will have to obtain FDA approval.

There have also been reports of a blood pressure monitoring sensor or blood sugar monitor. However, reports from Gurman suggest that it may take years for these health tracking services to make it to the Apple Watch. For those who are not interested in the health features provided by Apple Watch, this would not be a valid reason to upgrade to Series 8.

watchOS 9 will bring more new updates.

For those who already have an Apple Watch 4 or later, you can already expect to see new features this fall thanks to the release of watchOS 9. With the software update, sleep tracking is improved, from new watch faces, medication tracking, heart rate zones and new languages ​​on the Series 7 QWERTY keyboard.

Apple Watch watchOS 9

Prime Day has the best deal you’ll find.

Starting at $279 for a 41mm on Amazon, this is the best deal for a brand new Apple Watch Series 7. Normally, prices start at $399, so if you’re looking to buy, you better be quick. because Prime Day is about to end for those of us in the United States. However, even at regular price, the Apple Watch Series 7 will still be worth the price for many users.

Best accessories for the Apple Watch Series 7:

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