Why the Stones don’t come to Vieilles Charrues – Vieilles Charrues

“We missed out on some big things this year, due to our ten weeks of editing! », Launches, annoyed, the president of the Vieilles Charrues association, Jean-Luc Martin. The Festival des Vieilles Charrues had not extended much, so far, on the reasons for the non-arrival of the Rolling Stones, while the famous formation was strongly anticipated there, from December 2021.

The president recognizes that the festival has indeed been “forced to throw in the towel for the Stones” despite the two windows of fire that occurred during the year. “There were two stages, admits Jean-Luc Martin. During the normal tour of the group, the Stones finally preferred to go elsewhere. We don’t know the reasons, but there are major European festivals that have had to put more money on the table…”, he presumes.

“It hurts the guts! »

Later, one of the band’s tour dates was canceled. “The production then called us back to offer us the date of July 7. We got back into it all the way, but when we got the teams together, it quickly became impossible for us to get scenes back a week before normal, when France is loaded with festivals. Just last weekend, there were five big festivals in France. Everything went full speed, and so we find ourselves with a lack of equipment and personnel, ”insists the president, adding: “It hurts the guts”.

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With the agreement recently concluded with the Region, the city of Carhaix and the SemBreizh concerning the management of the Kerampuilh estate, which will be entrusted to the future mixed economy company Breizh Park, Jean-Luc Martin believes that it will no doubt be possible , eventually, to host this type of event on an ad hoc basis. “If we had put in place what we have dreamed of for years, it would no doubt also have been possible to welcome AC/DC to Carhaix,” he adds. A dream that continues to make him vibrate today…

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