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why the iPhone 14 is so expensive in France

The prices of the iPhone 14 were announced this Wednesday during the Apple conference. In the United States prices remain stable but in France, it flies away. The main reason lies in the depreciation of the euro against the dollar.

The reactions were not lacking following the announcement of the prices of the new models of the iPhone 14. And there is reason since in France, it will be necessary to pay at least 1000 euros. The iPhone 14 will cost 1019 euros, the iPhone 14 Plus, 1169 euros. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost 1329 euros and 1479 euros respectively.

In the United States the prices remained similar to the two previous ranges of iPhone. But in France, the euro has, for several months, lost its value against the dollar, which partly makes the iPhone 14 so expensive. The main cause of this depreciation is the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which upset European stability.

Very concretely, “the euro-dollar parity means that, for one euro, you can only buy one dollar. This is a first since 2002. In 2008, for example, you could buy for 1 euro, 1.60 A weaker euro means a stronger dollar: everything that is imported from the United States or that is invoiced in dollars becomes more expensive”, specifies the site Vie Publique. Consequently, with a weaker currency, the euro zone becomes less attractive for investors, when the United States is considered more stable.

However, in other countries in the eurozone, such as Germany, the iPhone 14 is around 30 euros cheaper. This difference would be based above all on differences in wages, taxes and charges, but also the payment of the private copying levy: each iPhone buyer thus pays 14 euros to have the right to buy CDs and make copies MP3 songs to the device. Other examples are telling: in China the iPhone 14 costs 862 euros (according to the current exchange rate) and in India 1002 euros.

Apple overcomes the crisis

In the United States, “Apple continued to grow strongly in the first half of 2022 thanks to solid demand for the iPhone 13, which was the best-selling smartphone in the world during this period, and the new iPhone SE (3rd generation )”, advances Le Xuan Chiew of the firm Canalys to AFP. From January to June 2022, the American group sold 106 million smartphones, which represents 18% of the global market.

The Apple brand had not increased the price of iPhones for five years before today, at least in France. Semiconductor shortages, Covid-19-related blockages and the war in Ukraine have affected Apple, however. Production of the iPhone 13 had to be reduced in October 2021, due to shortages of electronic components.

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