Why is no one interested in Apple’s augmented reality headset?

The augmented reality news that we publish on WatchGeneration are among the least read and least commented on. Only video games arouse even less interest (and we regret it). However, in a few months, Apple should launch its first mixed reality headset: why is nobody interested?

It’s not every day that Apple launches into a new product category. The effervescence before the launch of the iPad and, more recently, the Apple Watch, nevertheless made an impression and enabled these products to quickly establish themselves at the top of sales in their respective markets.

Apple’s mixed reality headset, it’s up to you to imagine the funny life that goes with it. Concept: Antonio DeRosa.

Months away — maybe, who really knows? — of the presentation by Apple of its possibly mixed reality helmet (augmented reality + virtual reality), it’s gloomy plain. Rumors abound, however, but nothing to do, this project is shrugging at best. But then, for God’s sake, why does this device fail to thrill the crowds?

Because Tim Cook

Tim Cook is certainly an excellent chief operating officer and a talented conductor at the head of Apple… but it is true that he is not particularly inspiring. There is no doubting his interest in augmented reality, but his conventional speech used for lengthy interviews ended up emptying all enthusiasm around this project of its substance. So much so that his passion for augmented reality now seems completely devitalized.

Probably the worst thing about it was the statement given to the New York Times in April 2021, during which he presented a really blueprint and basic vision of augmented reality: with this technology, he said, we will be able to brighten up conversations ” with graphics or other things that may appear “.

In August of the same year, Tim Cook returned to the charge by describing a graph that one could manipulate with the hands during an online discussion.

In other words: Numbers in augmented reality. Great.

To be completely honest, the Apple boss also explained that augmented reality has its place in the sectors of education, video games, retail, health… But always remaining very vague about the expected benefits. So vague that these statements do not evoke anything very concrete or exciting.


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