Why Google puts a Doodle pizza in the spotlight today?

It probably did not escape you that a pizza appeared on Google this Monday. The reason is quite simple: four years ago, on December 7, Neapolitan pizza and the know-how of Neapolitan pizza makers were included on Unesco’s list of intangible heritage of humanity following the mobilization of pizza makers and thanks to a petition signed by 2 million people.

On this occasion, Google has decided to honor one of the most popular dishes with its interactive doodle today. In the form of a game, the Internet giant presents Internet users with the most popular pizza toppings. most popular across the planet, which must be cut into a precise number of parts.

The more difficult the order, the more stars that are earned. Among the eleven pizzas offered to Internet users, we find the Margherita pizza, the pepperoni pizza, the white pizza, the Calabresa pizza, the Muzzarella pizza, the Hawaiian pizza, the Magyaros pizza, the teriyaki mayonnaise pizza, the Tom Yum pizza, the Paneer Tikka pizza and finally the dessert pizza.

To note that France is the second biggest consumer of pizzas in the world behind the United States.


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