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why Cyril Hanouna fights against Jean-Paul Rouve

Cyril Hanouna and Jean-Paul Rouve C8 and RTL screenshots (editing)

VIDEO – The host of C8 once again attacked the comedian Tuche Monday evening in “Do not touch my post!” expressing all the bad things he thinks of him.

It seems a long time ago when Cyril Hanouna received Jean-Paul Rouve and the entire film crew The Tuches in a good mood in “Don’t touch my post! “. In February 2016, the C8 host even renamed his show “Touche pas à mon Tuche! on the sidelines of the release of the second part of the comedy directed by Olivier Baroux. If the actor has several times responded to the invitation of the talk show, he should not return anytime soon. Monday evening, Cyril Hanouna took advantage of recent statements by the former member of Robin Hood to express all the bad things he thinks of him today.

Guest of the “Unexpected Journal” last weekend on RTL, Jean-Paul Rouve declared that it would not be very serious, for the French, to have to make the effort to lower their heating by one degree to save money. of energy. “Ah when actors like that try to be smart, it’s always complicated. He got screwed on social media”reacted Cyril Hanouna on the set of “TPMP” before asking the opinion of his columnists. “He doesn’t understand anything, we don’t understand what he’s saying, it’s nonsensehe added. Jeff Tuche, he thinks for himself. He is above ground. Let him start doing again The Tuches and that he doesn’t piss us off. What a jerk! » While Benjamin Castaldi granted the right for a personality to give his opinion, the host clarified: “Not when you’re dumb as a dick.” Jean-Paul Rouve is not a model of intelligence, I know him well”.

And if Cyril Hanouna is today so virulent towards the actor, it is because of an interview granted by the latter in December 2020 to Paris Match. During the promotion of the program “Retroscopy” on TMC, he openly attacked the host of C8. “I don’t want to denounce, I don’t carehe had declared to our colleagues. Parodying Hanouna is too easy. Am I going to show that this is the zero degree of culture? And after ? What I like is that it’s subtle, otherwise we’re doing sketches without interest, like there are tons of them on YouTube. » A year later, Cyril Hanouna had taken advantage of a skid by Jean-Paul Rouve on BFMTV (he had qualified Antoine Diers, support of Éric Zemmour, of “end of race”) to pin it for the first time in “TPMP”. “Jean-Paul Rouve has always been a lesson giver, if he had the courage, it would be known”he had notably launched.

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