why Apple was condemned by Russia?

Apple has been condemned by Russia for failing to comply with Russian guidelines on hosting its citizens’ data.

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A Moscow court has fined Apple 2 million rubles (about 34,000 euros) for refusing to store the data of Russian citizens on its territory. The company which has already decided to stop the sale of its products in the country – in reaction to the war in Ukraine – would have refused to comply with the demands of Russian justice, we learn in a report from the Interfax press agency taken back Reuters. The apple is now in a situation of non-compliance on the territory.

Moscow alone against the tech giants

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, big tech companies have been reluctant to comply with Russian demands, especially on issues related to censorship and data control. However, despite Apple’s categorical refusal in Russia, it appears that the company is complying with similar requests in China.

Apple administers and operates a dozen data centers around the world, some of which are in China. Following a change in legislation passed in 2016, Apple had to house all of its Chinese user data in data centers in the country.

Here is Apple’s full statement on our story.

After Apple sent this, I worked with the company to understand what it believed to be wrong in our story and then made changes to correct any outdated information and to include their view when needed. pic.twitter.com/shwaJkWyAi

—Jack Nicas (@jacknicas) May 17, 2021

A risk for Apple’s data in China?

These servers are administered by Guizhou Cloud Big Data (GCBD), a company controlled by the Chinese province of Guizhou and partly uses the cloud service of China Telecom, which is a Chinese state-owned operator. Apple, however, claims to use encryption keys so that the Chinese government does not have access to it.

Apple has come under particular criticism for the move from some privacy advocates who say the government could still intercept data stored in iCloud.

But here, the reason why Apple refused Russia’s request seems to have to do with the fact that the country led by Vladimir Putin would have made requests that were far too “invasive” for Apple’s taste, hence its refusal in this case. accurate.

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