Who was hiding in the baby and gingerbread man costumes?

“Wearing a mask is always mandatory on this show,” joked Camille Combal when opening the fourth season of Mask Singer, Tuesday evening on TF1. Nevertheless, the mask fell for two of the six personalities who appeared on the stage during this premiere.

It was first the huge chubby baby strapped in his walker who had to reveal his identity. He had sown doubt among the investigators – Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams – by interpreting My own daddy is a gangster of Stomy Bugsy, then Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley… The quartet had great difficulty putting a face to this voice: Olivier Minne? Lawrence Baffi? Or a sportsman? However, the maous baby was none other than… Marianne James! The artist has made a good diversion by focusing on the low tones. Among the clues given to help guess her identity was the reference to “child prodigies” – she hosted wonders on France 2 -, or the fact of having “always something to say” and “not always a filter”, a reference to her role as a juror in New star and France has an unbelievable talent on M6. Another clue, the number 1172, like the number of performances she gave of her Ultima Recitalwritten with shells, a nod to his show Tata Ham and its Coquillettes.

The firefighter elephant and the cabaret mouse continue the adventure

At the very end of the show, the gingerbread man was bitten after singing That Plane For Me and I wanted to be an artist. In the costume was Frederic Diefenthal whose cover was fried much more easily.

The magneto shot in a car junkyard and the reference to “360 turns” set the stage for the saga Taxi which made him famous. “At the beginning, I was not at all ready for the stage, the light, the spotlights”, said the character as a chef’s hat appeared on the screen: a reference to his experience, as a teenager, as an apprentice in the hotel industry.

The hat could also evoke the daily series of TF1 Here it all starts where the actor embodies the headmaster of a cooking school. Before starting his career, he was briefly a hairdresser: we saw the gingerbread bickering with a bodyguard with a hairbrush.

The four other characters who sang on Tuesday evening – the drag-queen Dalmatian, the cabaret mouse, the pharaoh and the firefighter elephant continue the adventure. Next Tuesday, it will be the turn of six other personalities to try their luck.

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