who pays for the work? Stéphane Plaza answers!

This Friday, July 1, M6 is launching a brand new show combining decoration and real estate. At the head of Change everything or moveStéphane Plaza tells us more about this new concept, which pits Sophie Ferjani against Antoine Blandin.

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Stephane Plaza innovates on M6 with Change everything or movea concept adapted from the Canadian-American program Love It or List It. The principle is simple: a couple who hesitates between going to live elsewhere or staying in their apartment or house. To help them in this dilemma and find the best solution, the 52-year-old real estate agent surrounds himself with two experts that the channel’s viewers know well: the interior designer Sophie Ferjani (emblematic figure of House for sale) and the real estate pro Antoine Blandin (seen in apartment hunters and Search apartment or house). After a month and a half of work, the participants will have to decide between staying in their home completely remodeled by the decorator or moving into one of the three properties presented by the real estate agent. A crucial choice that makes all the salt of this good-natured competition… Karine Le Marchand’s sidekick tells us more.

I’m kind of ringmaster

Tele-Leisure : What is your role in the show?

Stephane Plaza : I am there to listen to the participants and reassure them, like an uncle. The most important thing for me is to make them think. I am a sort of ringmaster, which allows me both to tease Sophie and Antoine and to give them advice and my opinion if they ask me for it. I am very attached to them. The last sequence [la décision du couple, ndlr] is terrible for me. I cried ! I don’t want to hurt either of them.

Did you compose this expert duo?

Yes. Sophie had been planned for a long time, but I didn’t want to find myself in front of her. So I asked Antoine to come. He knows exactly what I think and does not hesitate to ask me questions. It’s a good pair that appreciates each other. And they are two very human and elegant people. They are also the ones I know best.

The candidates put their hands in the wallet

Who pays for the work?

The family informs us of the budget they wish to allocate to the work. But these do not necessarily lead to a capital gain in the event of a sale, contrary to what happens in House for sale, since we adapt to specific requests. The production only offers the work if the family decides to sell and move. Otherwise, it is at the expense of the participants. This is also why they talk so much with Sophie throughout the project.

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