which browser to choose on an Apple device?

Google Chrome or Apple Safari? If you have a Windows device, the question does not arise insofar as Safari is not available on the Microsoft OS, but if you have an Apple device…

To surf the Internet, it is almost mandatory to use one of the most common tools today: a web browser. Whatever your device – PC, tablet, smartphone – the browser serves as a gateway to allow you to access all the resources of the web. And today, the market is full of solutions in this area. Among those, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. If you have an apple brand device, which one is better to use? Here are some things to consider.

Chrome, Google’s browser

First of all, you should know that Google Chrome is available on the majority of platforms that exist today (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS). And if it’s so popular today (65% market share), it’s because it doesn’t have many assets to show off.

First of all, Chrome is fast, it’s the fastest on the market. It is also, logically, perfectly compatible with all Google services. Translation of web pages with Google Translate, access to Gmail and Google Docs offline, the possibilities are endless. The Mountain View company’s browser is also highly customizable. Via the Chrome web store, you have access to more than 200,000 extensions and numerous themes. Last interesting point on the menu of benefits, security. Updates are very frequent and automatic. Between new features, improvements and fixes, there is always something to optimize the software.

Any software, however, always has drawbacks. Google Chrome is no exception. If you are looking for a browser that respects your privacy, remember that Chrome being a product of Google, which generates its revenue by collecting personal data, this browser is far from a good option. Another annoying point is energy consumption. If the American giant is constantly working on the subject, Chrome is a big consumer of RAM, which can have serious consequences on your device (especially if you are on battery).

Safari, Apple’s browser

Safari is the web browser offered by Apple, natively present on all Apple brand devices. It is available on macOS, iPadOS and iOS. Being developed by Apple for Apple, the benefits are many. Speed ​​first. It’s the second fastest on the market, just behind Chrome. Security too. Apple touting its constant fight for the protection of privacy, the dedicated features are numerous, and rather effective. Via iCloud, you can also synchronize everything, or almost, for the most fluid experience on all your Apple devices.

On the menu of disadvantages, we will first mention its main advantage, namely that Safari is reserved for owners of an Apple device. Another limitation is the size of the extension store. Compared to Chrome, the number of available extensions is clearly lower. Just like the customization possibilities. If the design of the browser is already very successful, there are not many customization options. Safari also collects a certain amount of personal data – device location, IP address or browsing history, in particular – but Apple does not resell your data for marketing purposes.

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