Which Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2 or Ultra can we still receive on Friday? [délais + sondage]

This year, Apple opened up orders for the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and – of course – the Apple Watch Ultra. After this first weekend, delivery times on the Apple Store begin to lengthen for certain models. On the other hand, they can be recovered on the said day in the Apple Store. Under these conditions, it can be interesting to look at the side of the resellers, especially if you are not too fussy about the bracelets.

Thereby, depending on the colors of the bracelets and the wrist circumferences, lead times vary. For the Alpine Loop, we reach October 11-18 for the Ultra. For the Boucle Trail, we go to October 25 – November 2, and, for the Ocean Bracelet, October 4-11 (the bracelets being more standard for the latter, the deadlines seem to be more controlled).

For the Apple Watch Series 8, the Midnight Blue and Stellar Light aluminum cases have also switched to October 13-20. But the most classic -Silver or RED- and the Apple Watch SE 2 can still be delivered on Friday (especially excluding Unique Loop). As for the Steel Boxes, we are also shooting in mid-October. Finally the Hermès version displays 10-12 weeks.

As every year, the same question arises: is the extension of the deadlines due to an insufficient stock or an excessive demand? (sign of a clear enthusiasm for certain models, in particular the colors of the year)? And here again other questions can be raised at the level of stock management: has Apple seen too correctly or has misjudged the appeal of certain colors or models? Unless it’s production issues…

Live! We’re talking about the new features of the Keynote!

Which Apple Watch Series 8, SE 2 or Ultra can we still receive on Friday? [délais + sondage]

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