when Pizza Hut offers rice-based pizzas because of the price of wheat

This is called great adaptability. Faced with soaring wheat prices, particularly due to the war in Ukraine, the world-famous company pizza hut decided to adjust the recipe for its products. Our colleagues from the American site Bloomberg announced that the chain would offer in its restaurants located in Japan, rice-based pizzas.

This type of product will be available very soon, and will be presented in the form of mini-pizzas whose base will be a rice cake. The toppings present will also be typically japanese with teriyaki chicken, garlic prawns, barbecue pork or Japanese-style beef ribs

Even if these pizzas could register in the long term in the event of commercial success, it is above all for economic issues that Pizza Hut made that choice. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has recently caused wheat prices to skyrocket on world markets and caused several shortages.

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