When is Licorice Pizza coming to Prime Video?

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Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, it was one of the Oscar-nominated films that remained this year CODA.

Licorice pizza.

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This year, the delivery of The Oscars recognized for CODA as the best of 2021, but in this list of nominees, several films made it clear that the industry had come back from the pandemic with everything. Among the participants, one that we highlight is Licorice Pizzaa production that was responsible for Paul Thomas Anderson and who played Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman.

The story of Licorice Pizza lead once again to Paul Thomas Anderson to tell a story set in the San Fernando Valley, this time in the 70s. The story focuses on the platonic romance they have had for years Alana Kane and Gary Valentinegrowing up and being raised together and not specifying because she is several years older than him, so he sees that as a hindrance.

Although the production directed by Paul Thomas Anderson It was launched in 2021 in a large part of the world market, it only arrived in Latin America at the beginning of this year (January 27). Earning just under $30 million, the story was nominated for three oscar award: Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Film. However, she could not emerge victorious from any of the shortlists she participated in.

If you haven’t seen it yet and you can’t wait to do so, we tell you that Licorice Pizza is about to land on one of the platforms of diffusion more used. As of September 11, you will be able to see through Amazon Prime Video again and again the latest movie Paul Thomas Anderson to go to the cinema. We had to wait almost a full year to be able to enjoy it from the comfort of our homes.

+Cooper Hoffman’s next project

Contrary to Alan Haimwho since her debut as an actress has not yet reached an agreement to be part of another film, Cooper Hoffman He already has a new feature film on the way. The actor who played Gary Valentine in Licorice Pizza will be part of The Trackersmovie directed by Cooper Raiff which will present performances of Olivia DeJonge and David Harbor. With no confirmed release date, the story will revolve around the rise and fall of Jimmy Gallanta mob-associated trash businessman in Danbury, Connecticut.

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