When do you charge your Apple Watch? [sondage]

With watchOS 9, it will be possible to better control the autonomy of your Apple Watch. Apple offers a mode Energy savingwhich replaces the mode Reserve. This will allow – as its name suggests – to scrounge up a few extra minutes / hours, an endless quest (except that of its battery) for any Apple Watch user. Indeed, if the watch has many qualities, it fails on the other hand by its lack of autonomy in the face of competition.. Although the Apple Watch Ultra advertises a maximum of 60 hours, the latter is not in the budget or on everyone’s wrist….

Energy saving mode

In practice, the latter will disable always-on screen, notifications of irregular, high or low heart rate, but also the measurement of the heart rate in the background, that of the level of oxygen in the blood in the background as well as the automatic monitoring of a sports activity. For previous generations (which do not have the screen always on), it remains to be determined what savings will be made.

For activate mode Energy saving, it will suffice to click on the battery icon (if the latter is part of your complications), or to go via the Settings of the watch > the Battery menu. It will then be possible to activate it immediately, or to choose to activate it for one, two or three days (fingers crossed, but it may be a bit tight at the battery level).

and you, how do you charge?

In the meantime, we are curious to know when and how you currently charge your Apple Watch, once or twice, rather in the morning, in the evening or all night (some people can’t stand sleeping with a watch either)? Tell us everything !

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