what will happen this Wednesday in London?

The remains of the sovereign will travel to Westminster Hall where the British will be able to pay their last respects before the funeral scheduled for Monday.

Another emotionally charged day in the UK. The day after the arrival of the remains of Elizabeth II in her London palace of Buckingham, the coffin of the sovereign must, this Wednesday, travel to Westminster Hall, where the British will be able to pay her a last respects during the next five days.

The route of this procession will pass through The Mall and pass through Horse Guards Parade before passing close to Downing Street towards Westminster Hall. The funeral procession must start precisely from 2:22 p.m., or 3:22 p.m. in France, for a procession which should last 40 minutes during which the bells of Big Ben will ring. On the passage of the remains, the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery will fire several shots from Hyde Park.

Five Days of Tributes at Westminster

As tradition dictates, the coffin will be adorned with the imperial crown and a wreath of flowers and will be carried on a carriage, a piece of wood and metal that usually supports a cannon or a heavy piece.

The members of the royal family, who will accompany the remains of the sovereign, will be supported by senior executives of the royal houses as well as by members of staff close to the queen.

On arrival at Westminster Hall, the coffin will be placed on a catafalque, a funeral platform, and will be guarded by officers of the Household Divisionof the King’s Bodyguard or the Royal Company of Archers. A short service will be provided by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welb, before the room opens to visitors from 5 p.m. (6 p.m. in France).

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