What is the Apple TV+ release date and time?

Find out all about the release of episode 3 of Bad Sisters on Apple TV+! Release date and time etc.

Bad Sisters is available on Apple TV+! If you want to know everything about the release of episode 3, read on! In the second episode, the sisters learn that John is going on a sightseeing trip. He owns a cabin in the woods where he is supposed to stay during his journey. To find out all about releases on Apple TV+, it’s here.

The sisters decide to tamper with the cabin and set up a trap that will make John’s death look like an accident. Bibi hatches the plan to use the shack’s microwave to start a fire. Eventually, the fire will lead to an explosion that kills the sleeping John. In the final moments of the episode, the sisters carry out their plan.

Nevertheless, Eva has a change of heart and attempts to call off the plan to kill John. But the microwave explodes anyway, and the whole hut catches fire. Meanwhile, the sisters hide in the woods and watch the explosion unfold. While Eva and Bibi think their plan worked, the final moments show that John is still alive.

So it’s obvious that Eva and Bibi’s plan to kill John has failed hysterically. Therefore, viewers will have to wait to find out the truth about John’s death. We tell you everything about the release of episode 3 of Bad Sisters on Apple TV+!

What is the release date and time for episode 3 of Bad Sisters on Apple TV+?

The wait is no longer very long! The release date of bad sisters episode 3 was set for August 26, 2022 on AppleTV+. For the most impatient, the exit time of bad sisters episode 3 was set at 9 a.m. AppleTV+ !

What can we expect next?

The official synopsis of bad sisters episode 3 tells us this: “Ursula is next in Jean-Paul’s sights. Thomas hopes the police will help him. »

Given that we are so early in the narrative, one thing is clear: things are going to get more and more chaotic until the end of the series. Expect a few shocking twists, but also a moment or two where you feel a bit broken.

It’s the kind of series that can throw everything upside down, and that’s a very good thing. Genre can sometimes be important, but style often wins out. The biggest thing that Bad Sisters a for her is simply her difference from the domain. We’ll see where the story takes us from now on…

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