What if the illustration of the September 7 Apple Event invitation was full of clues?

Apple formalized its back-to-school Apple Event last night, it will be called “Far out”, it will take place on September 7, 2022 at 7 p.m. (French time) and the image of the invitation is quite special. Indeed, this one represents space with the Apple logo which is formed with the stars. What is the Cupertino company trying to tell us? Since the revelation of this image, rumors have freaking out all night!

Did Apple leave any clues?

When we follow Apple news closely, we know that the Californian giant does not really let go no information on its future novelties before an Apple Event, there are no orchestrated leaks of information to create “buzz” as some competitors might do to generate “hype” around the event.

However, as we have seen many times in the past, Apple sometimes sows a few clues in its Apple Event announcement images, the company logo is often surrounded by details that reveal what’s new to be announced.

iphone 14 far out event

Image 9to5mac

Space with many stars coming together to create the Apple logo, but what does it mean?
There are several hypotheses, to understand, you have to look at the rumors that date back a few years, but also those that are more recent!

Display always on in lock screen

Leakers and analysts have all agreed to confirm that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have a screen that will never turn off (also called in English always on). We will have a dark lock screen with very limited information on it (time, date and maybe the weather) so as not to have a major impact on the autonomy of the iPhone (already strained by the 5G modem from Qualcomm and the screen).

The illustration of the invitation which represents space and therefore a very dark environment could express the fact that Apple wishes to tell us “the always on mode arrives on the iPhone”.
Of course, that’s just a guess!

New asset of the camera?

Another rumor mentioned in the past a novelty that could soon arrive in the iPhone camera.
Leakers saw the arrival of this selling point with the iPhone 13 range, but in the end it did not happen, perhaps because of a small delay in development.

This feature that has been rumored so much is called “astrophotography”it was announced as a revolution for taking pictures of the sky at night and obtaining details exceptional.

Your iPhone would be able to recognize the moon or stars if the feature was implemented. Apple’s process would go through longer exposure times and more internal processing to create the perfect shot. It seems likely that Apple is working on a similar feature since some Android smartphones that compete with it already offer this option.


Satellite connectivity?

What can we find in space close to our planet? A ton of satellites!
And if the choice of the theme of space for the invitation to the Apple Event “Far out” was ultimately an implication of the arrival of a satellite connection for emergency calls?

Indiscretions have talked about it in the past, Apple would like to offer a satellite connection exclusively for emergency calls. As a result, iPhone owners will be able to call emergency services close to their geographical position anywhere in the world without needing to have a relay antenna from their mobile operator nearby.

It would be amazing for the iPhone, but also for Apple Watch which has the “fall detection” functionality, let’s not forget that the connected watch is able to call the emergency services as soon as it detects that you have fallen and that you are unconscious.
The user can also trigger a call to the emergency room himself, a feature that may not always work today, because when you are at sea or in the countryside, the mobile network is not there permanently as in an urban environment !

The “SOS via satellite” could see the light of day from the iPhone 14, especially since Apple has integrated a “SOS” icon in the status bar of the iPhone, an icon that appears and disappears (perhaps to indicate the real-time link with the satellite)?


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