What if Apple unveiled its satellite emergency calls for the iPhone 14

Like every year, many wonder about the keynote announcements and try to find and decipher the clues hidden in the invitation to Far Out (The adventure goes on). According to the latest rumors, Apple may well be announcing its own satellite connectivity feature for the iPhone 14. This is indeed what Tim Farrar, satellite communications consultant at the research company, argues. Telecom, Media and Finance Associates based in California.

In a series of tweets, he shares his thoughts on Elon Musk’s announcement on the alliance between T-Mobile and SpaceX (see here). As a reminder, the latter would make it possible to pass emergency messages in white areas.

He believes that this announcement is intended to anticipate that of Apple, namely a partnership with Globalstar (we said that this galaxy and this sky full of stars could well refer to this satellite connectivity). Indeed, last February, Globalstar announced that it had acquired 17 new satellites to provide ongoing satellite services has a potential clientwhich could be Cupertino.

For Tim Farrar, Apple’s service will be offered free of charge for SMS at launch and should use existing satellites. There would be no need for additional declarations to the FCC, unlike the system envisaged between T-Mobile and SpaceX.

Finally, remember, last year, at this time, Ming Chi Kuo had looked at some supposed features of the iPhone 13. The latter should be able to connect to low Earth orbit satellites. This assumption had been taken up by Mark Gurman, with a few nuances. For him, this function would be reserved for emergencies and should not arrive in 2021. The question may have an answer on September 7, 2022!

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