what he has just done that is incredibly generous for Bigflo and Oli!

He is a fan and does not hesitate to prove it. Indeed, Guillaume Canet appreciates the work of Bigflo and Oli and keeps shouting it. He proved it once again this Monday, August 15, thanks to a very nice gesture on his part, addressed to the two artist brothers. A post that undoubtedly pleased the fans of the rappers and the actor, especially since the latter had not been posting very encouraging publications for a few weeks. Blame it on the disappearance of people very dear to him like James Caan, to whom he wanted to pay a vibrant tribute on Instagram at the beginning of July.

“I’ve had the chance as a director to experience wonderful things and if there’s one thing I’m really proud of, it’s having had the honor of making a film with James Caan”first wrote the ex of Marion Cotillard before continuing: “I grew up with his films, an absolute fan of this American cinema of the 70s. Meeting him, filming him was one of the greatest gifts that life gave me […] I am extremely sad to learn of his passing. I will therefore continue to love him and see him again in my dreams! Thanks Jimmy! My warmest thoughts to all his family! Rest in Peace my friend!”.

Totally under the spell of Bigflo and Oli

A very complicated moment to live for Guillaume Canet, which seems to have affected him enormously. Fortunately for him, life goes on and the actor was able to recharge his batteries with his family, his friends, and immerse himself in his projects in order to think of something other than the loss of a loved one. Moreover, speaking of the project, it would seem that the ex of Marion Cotillard offers an amazing one in the near future.

Indeed, he could soon collaborate with Bigflo and Oli. Whether in a film, or to push the song, no doubt that the two brothers would not be against working with the famous actor and director. Especially since it gives them a lot of strength as evidenced by its publication this Monday, August 15 in which he praised the two artists from Toulouse. “I love this album! The lyrics, the sounds! The humor, the derision… the emotion… Lots of emotions every time I listen to ‘José et Amar’ They must be very proud of you brothers”he wrote to compliment the work done by the two.

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