What does Adeline’s life look like today, trapped by Laurent Ournac?

If Laurent Ournac, who we find this Monday July 4 in a new episode of Camping Paradise (TF1) is clearly part of the media landscape, it is different from the one who shared the poster of My Incredible Fiance, program which revealed it to the general public. Indeed, since 2005, the year when reality TV met with success on TF1, Adeline Toffoli has disappeared from the radar. Today what is the life of the one who was trapped by Laurent Ournac ?

If she suffered the screams of Laurent Fortin, alias Laurent Ournac on the stairs of the villa in Cannes, filming location of My Amazing Fiance, Adeline Toffoli managed to recover. Victim of her antics, always more sluggish, she lived a real hell before disappearing from the small screen, while her “amazing fiance” attained real notoriety. At the age of 41, Adeline Toffoli has given up on her acting dreamse. She now uses her middle name, Angelina, and opened Celestetic, an energy healing practice in Dijon in 2018, having had her training in 2011.”I work on energy refocusing. This can relieve certain body ailments or improve a fragile emotional state. The goal is to make people feel better about themselves“, she let know to Purepeople.

His relations with Laurent Ournac were…

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