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We know Milla Jasmine for his outspokenness but above all for his imposing buttocks. While the star of “Marseillais” cast doubt on the origins of her forms, which she would have obtained thanks to the pizza, she confessed via a video Youtube published on his channel on July 4th. My butt isn’t thanks to pizza. About twelve years ago, I had injections in my buttocks, I did not do BBL (nldr the Brazilian Butt Lift)”she finally confessed.

And even if she has recently gone further in cosmetic surgery by having “created dimples”, she wanted to do prevention on the consequences of the scalpel. “Girls be careful, don’t go anywhere. There are things that are irreversible, what I put in my butt won’t go away. To take it all off, gotta get my butt cut open, sick scarsshe said of the risks of buttock augmentation. Before adding that all surgical procedures have their risks, including the lips, she regrets certain mistakes. “At the time I had no money at all (…), I ended up with not tip top stuff“, she confided.

Buttocks, lips and that’s not all, the nose too. “I can’t say he failed but I can’t say I’m completely satisfied. It was on a whim. Sometimes I tell myself that I shouldn’t have done that (…). After my breakup I think I freaked out. And on a whim I did this. When I woke up, I cried all the tears in my body”she regretted.

She’s not the only reality TV candidate to do prevention about cosmetic surgery. Recently, it was Luna Skye who passed the alert after having been close to death. “I had staphylococcus type MRS1 which is very resistant to all antibiotics. I ended up with this virus inside me. It comes into your blood and there are 10 to 30% of people who get it. die!”she had explained to her subscribers at the end of 2021. All this, because of an operation consisting in increasing the volume of her buttocks. “I’ve finally just had surgery. We don’t yet know what it’s going to be like because the bacteria is super complicated. We can’t find out what it is exactly (…) and it’s hard to catch because it mingled with all my fabrics”she detailed.

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