What are the pizza trends?

Carlo De Pascale is a fan of pizzas and he presents to you in the 6-8, the new trends in pizza. But before that, he offers you a brief reminder of what pizza is.

Pizza is an ancestral pancake, cousin of many other pancakes, it belongs to the whole Mediterranean. Whether it’s a Turkish pide, a Turkish lahmacun, an Emilia Romagna pidina, a manaesh or a tiella.

Regarding pizza, lately, the level of pizzerias has improved. You no longer feel like you are eating something too heavy. This revival involves Neapolitan pizza, as it has developed in Naples since the beginning of the 20th century. These characteristics are a dough that rises for a very long time, a very quick cooking of around one minute at 400° and a filling that does not overflow.

With us, the Neapolitan pizza has completely exploded and this probably thanks to a famous Top 50. There is a ranking of the best pizzerias in the world, in Italy, in Europe. And in Belgium we are quite well off. In the world ranking, the first Belgian pizzeria is 35th, in the European ranking it is 8th.

And what’s trending right now is gourmet pizza. A pizza that offers you an astonishing contrast between cooked and raw ingredients, added when it comes out of the oven. This makes for a very mouth-watering pizza.

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