Wedding of Christophe Maé and Nadège: the radiant bride and groom… both in white!

This Saturday, August 27, Nadège Sarron, the lucky winner of Christophe Maé, celebrates her 45th birthday. It has now been eighteen years since she shared the life of the successful singer who will be 47 on October 16 and with whom she had two sons: Jules, 14 and Marcel, 9.

It has now been five years since the two lovebirds got married in Corsica. About fifty guests were present at the religious wedding which was held at the water’s edge on Saturday July 1, 2017, two days after the civil ceremony which was held at the town hall of Porto-Vecchio. The happy bride Nadège sported a long white dress with a very pretty V neckline while the groom Christophe Maé was just as classy with his white suit. White was also the color code of the ceremony. Indeed, all the guests present wore white outfits. Christophe Maé’s two sons, Jules and Marcel, both groomsmen, brought the wedding rings. “It was the right time. Especially since, for several years, as soon as married friends come to the house, Nadège asks me why she does not have the same name as the children”, expressed Christophe Maé in an interview with Parisian in 2016. The singer was in promotion for his fourth album The dream catcher in which appears its now essential title It is where the happiness. A happiness he found with his wife and children.

Seventeen years together, it grows

In an interview with Paris Normandy in September 2021, Christophe Maé, who was promoting his new album La vie d’artiste, had made rare confidences about his relationship with Nadège: “My wife, we’ve been together for seventeen years, we built ourselves like that. She was the happiest [quand il a commencé sa tournée]. I felt in her eyes that she was happy (…) Seventeen years together, it is cultivated. You can also hear my family singing on this album, their presence reflects their importance in my life. That’s what being an artist is: reconciling all that”. he confided.

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