We reveal the manufacturing secrets of the emblematic Savoie crozets

In Chambery,

The French love pasta. Each year, 500,000 tons are consumed. Every Saturday noon, through his series “Pasta così! », 20 minutes teaches you how to cook your pasta well or introduces you to an original recipe. Today, heading for Chambéry where the company Alpina Savoie opens the doors of its production of crozets to us.

From the now unmissable croziflette to the crozifrais with sunny vegetables, via the audacious rice pudding style crozets, Alpina Savoie is full of ideas to highlight its flagship product. France’s oldest pasta semolina maker, since Antoine Chiron set up his mill in Chambéry in 1844, the Savoyard company has gradually established itself in the hexagonal landscape of pasta makers, especially since the appearance of its crozets it over 25 years ago.

A first sieving, at the arrival of the trucks transporting the wheat, makes it possible to ensure its quality as well as the absence of insects in the production delivered to Alpina Savoie. – B. Gillardeau

“We are committed to working with sector products”

“It’s a very special product, in which there is both durum wheat and soft wheat,” says Antoine Chiron, mill and supply chain manager at Alpina Savoie. This one is from Savoie, just like the walnuts are from Dauphiné and the eggs from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. We strive to work with sector products and products that are either local or at least French in origin. »

The manufacture of Alpina Savoie crozets, here in the factory located in Chambéry.
The manufacture of Alpina Savoie crozets, here in the factory located in Chambéry. – Benoit Gillardeau

Representative of the sixth generation of Chiron at Alpina France, this miller opened the doors of the company to us as part of our “Pasta così!” series. “. Verification of the quality of the wheat on its arrival in Chambéry, mixtures sent to the mill, cleaning, grinding and sieving, transformation of the semolina into pasta and crozets, discover in our video the production circuit of these famous Savoyard crozets.

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