We don’t all have the same jersey but we have the same passion (hating pineapple on pizza)

“Chocolatine” or “pain au chocolat”, milk before or after cereals, tomatoes in a fruit salad, or even keeping the Corsica Ferries sticker once back on the continent, many are the debates which animate (even tear) the French.

But if there is one that comes up very often on the front of the stage, it is the debate around pineapple on pizza. This cause is obviously very close to the heart of Pepperoni Seoul. The South Korean creative collective has thus decided to express its contempt for the sweet-salty mixture on two versions of football jerseys.

“Say No to Pineapple”, such is the sharp slogan that can be found on the back of the jerseys. Pepperoni Seoul, which, as its name suggests, has an unconditional love for pizza, stages its position on Instagram.

Committed jerseys (yes, at this point, it’s commitment) are available on Pepperoni Seoul’s online store, with only one small condition. You must choose between two pizzas, including one with pineapple, to access the site. If you dare to click on the “wrong”, a message “seriously ?” is displayed. Something to offend the Pineapple FC.

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