WatchTube: an app to watch YouTube… on your Apple Watch!

On Mac, iPhone, Apple TV… And why not watch your favorite videos directly on your Apple Watch? This is what WatchTube offers, a YouTube player that works on the wrist. If the application is a little buggy, its interface is well thought out and it will have the merit of troubleshooting from time to time.

The interface is based on 3 panes: a first which acts as a home page with suggestions, a second with a search bar and a third with your videos seen or liked. WatchTube doesn’t sync with Google, so you won’t be able to find your personalized feed or search history on your watch. It is still possible to subscribe to channels or like videos to feed the internal algorithm offering suggestions on the home tab.

When launching a video, the sound is played from the speakers of the watch. If the format of the Apple Watch is not ideal for a video in 16:9, the surface is well used for those in 4:3 format. The integrated keyboard is used to search for videos while the crown of the watch is used to manage the volume. It is also possible to add subtitles and read the content description or comments from your wrist.

WatchTube is available for free on the App Store. The app requires iOS 13 or higher and does not collect any user data. Despite some crashes, it generally works well on my Series 4 but should also run on Series 3 according to feedback on Reddit.


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