Watch this journalist from Zone Interdite (M6) who obtains a 15-day sick leave for him and… his family thanks to a simple call to a complacent doctor found on the web – Video

In France, the amount of health insurance fraud amounts to 1.5 billion euros each year. An estimate not confirmed by the State. And the means implemented by the scammers are numerous.

Like the invoicing of acts not carried out by certain low-cost private health centers which surf on the lack of doctors. Or the pulling out of healthy teeth by unscrupulous dentists, like those involved in the trial of the “dentist-butchers” of Marseille, to increase the bill. Or even the prescription of unjustified sick leave by doctors with little regard.

This is what Zone Interdite will focus on on Sunday, and invites you to watch an extract from this magazine where a journalist manages to obtain 15 days of sick leave, but even worse he manages to obtain sick leave for the rest of his family who wants to go on vacation!

The chain explains: “With the help of doctors with little regard, many employees are multiplying unjustified work stoppages, sometimes simply to go on vacation.”

Watch this excerpt

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