VIDEO. United States: a bear devours a pizza on the terrace of a hotel in Kentucky

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An American Tik-Tok user has shared an unusual video: a bear, enticed by the smell of the pizza he was tasting, joined his meal.

Kentucky, in the United States, is a region partly known for its fauna, including its many species of bears. And these are not afraid of man.

In a series of videos posted on his Tik-Tok account on August 19, the user “kycatmanoutdoors” shows how a black bear, filmed by the surveillance cameras of the hotel where he was staying, was able to sneak in until him and devour his pizza.

The bear therefore feasted on the order of the Internet user, who did not hold it against him. In one of the videos, he comments with humor: “The risks of ordering pizza in Eastern Kentucky”. No pizza for the American, but a story to share.

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