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VIDEO – Pizzas Buitoni: Kelig’s ordeal, died at 2 years old after “biting a few bites”

The next morning, he is still not better. His parents consult a doctor, who diagnoses gastroenteritis. But the boy’s condition continues to deteriorate. “The next day, he had convulsions so I took him to the emergency room. Several tests showed that the bacteria had attacked his kidneys, but also his heart and his brain”continues Theo Soavi.

After several days in intensive care, the child succumbed to a cerebral hemorrhage. Collapsed, the parents search for answers. They transmit the list of meals taken by the little boy to the national health agency, which makes the link. Kelig was contaminated by the bacterium Escherichia coli, present in a frozen pizza from the Buitoni brand.

“That’s where we heard about this pizza for the first time. We suddenly had confirmation that yes, the origin of the contamination was the pizza”, traces the father. The couple files a complaint. Like other families, he receives a letter from Nestlé. A letter that arouses their incomprehension. “Four lines of apology. Not even personalized, all families got the same”details Ludivine, sobs in her voice.


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