VIDEO. “It was an incredible surprise”: When Julien Clerc arrives at the retirement of a school principal

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After more than twenty years in National Education, Florence Béguignot has bowed out. On June 30, the day of his retirement, Julien Clerc came in person to sing him a song.

This Thursday, June 30, Florence Béguignot said her last goodbyes to the students of her school in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne). In the schoolyard and under a rainy sky, she attends the recital organized in her honor. When all of a sudden, she hears a voice that she could recognize among hundreds of others: that of Julien Clerc. “My heart only took a turn, she confided to our colleagues from FranceInfo. It was an incredible surprise, I was very moved. I do not think that many teachers were entitled to such a departure.”

And Julien Clerc did not dedicate a song to him at random. This is Miss which he chose to sing that day – a song dedicated to female teachers and which appears on the latest album -, taken up in chorus by the pupils of the school which had learned it in class, a few days before, to make a surprise to their director.

“At the beginning of June, I had told a student’s mother that we would not see each other at the start of the school year, because I was retiring. Eight days later, I received a phone call asking me if I “I liked Julien Clerc, I said ‘of course’! But I thought that the parents of students would simply give me a gift”, says the happy trapped. It was one of his colleagues who took care of organizing everything behind his back. They were both invited to the Olympia to attend Julien Clerc’s concert next December.

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