Victim of a bad joke, Roselyne Bachelot explains herself with Laurent Ruquier!

No more summer reruns! This Monday, August 29, “Les Grosses têtes”, the flagship program from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on RTL is back in service. With on board, the animator Laurent Ruquier and his many fellow members including… Roselyne Bachelot, released from her duties as Minister of Culture. In Le Parisien, she confides: “There was a certain impatience yes. And to make my media comeback by finding this armchair, it’s a way of annoying the piss-vinegar which delights me deeply”, with his legendary outspokenness. Indeed, when she had to leave her show, Laurent Ruquier did not want to replace her: “When Roselyne became Minister of Culture, we said to ourselves that we were keeping her place warm. Which is also the case for most of our residents”, explains this “Loyal” Mr. But if today, the two personalities get along wonderfully, this was not always the case…

Roselyne Bachelot: “Your apologies, I hear them but I don’t accept them”

Indeed, between Laurent Ruquier and Roselyne Bachelot, nothing predicted their beautiful friendship today because things seemed rather badly started, as the host admits: “To tell the truth, I paid the a bad joke by Christophe Alévêque on Roselyne in On va s’gêner on Europe 1 in 2002, at which I laughed”. Our colleagues from Parisian then recall that Roselyne Bachelot had been the subject of this famous joke: “The comedian had said of the Minister of Health at the time: “when she speaks or shouts, it seems ‘she cums’”. Laurent Ruqiuer continues his explanation: “This extract was rebroadcast the next day in the morning. But things said in a two-and-a-half-hour afternoon comedy show reduced to a 45-second excerpt in a crossroads of information, it takes on other proportions. And at the time, I didn’t take care of the excerpt that was going to be broadcast. Since then, and Roselyne may not know it, I have validated this passage myself”, he summarizes. Today, Roselyne Bachelot takes things philosophically: “It’s like a couple story: our wrongs and our reasons were shared. It is undoubtedly a clumsiness. But I also overreacted. And then there was the media sounding board: the front page of Le Figaro, an entire page in Le Monde… Laurent had immediately sent me an absolutely sumptuous bouquet of flowers, along with a note. To which I replied: “Your apologies, I hear them but I do not accept them”. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since… And Roselyne, if she lost her minister’s chair, delights the aficionados of the show by returning to her seat as a member… with a biting humour!

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