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“Very touching”, “Kad Merad almost made me cry”: Kad’s portrait moved internet users

Internet users were touched by the portrait of Kad Merad in

Internet users were touched by the portrait of Kad Merad in “Seven to Eight”

Kad Merad was the special guest of Nikos Aliagas, this Saturday September 10 on TF1. They returned to the extraordinary journey of the 58-year-old actor. Between laughter, memories, confidences and emotion: the portrait of Kad particularly touched viewers.

Just the beginning of the interview announces the color: while Nikos and Kad greet each other, Kad calls Nikos “Yannis”. On TF1, this Saturday, September 10, the famous host of TF1 therefore received Kad Merad, a great personality of French cinema. During these ten minutes of secrets, they returned to his career, the meetings that marked his career, but also his personal life, his parents, his origins.

From the start of their meeting, Kad confides in Nikos about his career: “I’ve passed a milestone, I don’t know what happened. The experience I’ve had that I’m a good actor.” He starts to laugh, then continues: “It’s not that I’m a good actor, it’s that I know myself now.” The host then asks him about a strong relationship he has built professionally: Dany Boon. “Ah, Daniel Amidou” Kad says, referring to Dany Boon’s real name. He then recounts the many points in common they have, their dual origins, then the complicity they have created since “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tits”. Another friendship is then discussed: that with Olivier. “What’s fabulous with Olivier is that we wanted to, we did. Now we have to think: are we doing that, aren’t we doing that?” it by referring to their mythical sketches and to the change of time.

A touching family story

Quickly, Kad Merad broaches the subject of his deceased father. He evokes the film “Honorary Citizen” by Mohamed Hamidi in which he plays a writer who returns to his native country, Algeria. He confides once again in Nikos, telling him of the sadness he felt when he knew that his father would not be able to see the film, because playing this role was a way of showing him how much his origins matter to him. Indeed, he died before the release. Then comes the end of the interview with a nice conclusion. Nikos shows him a picture of small Kad with a question: “What would you like to say to this small?” Immediately, the emotion rises. “It’s funny because I see my parents,” he says, tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry, every time you catch me on something,” he jokes, referring to Nikos’ talent for moving the personalities he receives. Finally, he concludes by saying “he’s always had this little awkward side”, not doing anything like the others.

On Twitter, viewers were moved by this honest, true and touching sequence.

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