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Verizon will offer Apple One with the launch of the iPhone 14

The Apple One subscription will arrive as a freebie from Verizon with the launch of the iPhone 14, according to MacRumors. Coming this month, it will be the first time a US operator has included the offer as a bonus with its plans.


Apple One brings together several of the manufacturer’s services. We find Apple Music to listen to music in streaming, Apple TV+ to watch movies, series and documentaries in streaming, Apple Arcade to play more than 200 games, iCloud+ to store your data online and Apple Fitness+ to do physical activities . There’s also Apple News+ for reading lots of magazines and newspapers, but it’s only available in a handful of English-speaking countries.

In the case of Verizon, the subscription offered to Apple One should normally be offered with the most expensive plan, which costs 90 dollars / month. This one already includes several freebies, including Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, Apple Music, 50% off subscribing to a watch or tablet plan, and 600GB of storage. line.

Verizon will therefore be the first US carrier to add Apple One to its offering, but it won’t be the first carrier to do so globally. Indeed, the British operator EE already offers it.

As a reminder, Apple One normally costs €14.95/month for one person, €19.95/month for a family (6 people) or €28.95/month for the premium offer.

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