Vaimalama Chaves violently attacks the production of “Fort Boyard”

Vaimalama Chaves in “Fort Boyard” Saturday August 20, 2022 on France 2. Screenshot / France 2

VIDEO – Saturday evening, in the last episode of the France 2 adventure game, Miss France 2019 failed to overcome her fear of spiders and thus refused to participate in a test.

To surpass oneself, I want to, but we each have our own limits.On Instagram, Vaimalama Chaves looks back on her fourth participation in “Fort Boyard” broadcast on Saturday evening on France 2. During this evening, she refused to attempt the Doll’s House test in order to recover a clue from the word -treasure room code.

Even before Olivier Minne presented him with the test, Miss Tahiti 2018 and Miss France 2019 immediately said no. “The choice is not tough, it’s no“, she replied, mine closed and arms crossed. “It’s not my problem. It’s dead“Added the young woman of 27 years who is in fact arachnophobic.

Spiders, I don’t even want to try, I don’t want to know. The further they are, the better off I am“, she had warned during interviews facing the camera and broadcast a few seconds earlier. Caroline Margeridon will finally be chosen to replace her in the event. A good strategy since the buyer of “Closed Deal” will leave with the precious sesame.

Two days after the broadcast of the show, which earned her criticism on social networks, Vaimalama Chaves explains her behavior to a surfer who asked her why she was unable to overcome her fear. “Simply because I had said before that I would not go to spiders. It was my only condition to my participation“, writes the former beauty queen in this private exchange that she decided to make public in story this Tuesday.

“It was blackmail”

Vaimalama Chaves

They tried to force me to give in but no, no. It is also consent, she believes. And convincing me to go there by the media pressure that this show would bring was blackmail. I hate it so my no stayed no“, she emphasizes again. And to assure having only one word and “if it’s true in real life, it’s also true on TV“, she concludes.

During her last participations in “Fort Boyard”, Vaimalama Chaves had not been directly confronted with spiders, only with the scorpions of the Phantom Train in 2020 (which she won by the way), and with the serpents of the Abandoned Dungeons in 2021 .


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