Vaimalama Chaves claims to have been pressured to participate in an event, the production responds to him

The candidates of Fort Boyard do they have a choice of tests? Yes, according to Adventure Line Production, but not according to Vaimalama Chaves! The participation of the former Miss France was broadcast on Saturday and we see her categorically refusing the spider test. A choice that disappointed many viewers and on which she explained herself. According to her, she had warned the show beforehand that she was arachnophobic.

“I had said before that I would not go to the spiders. It was my only condition for my participation, ”she replied to a user on Instagram. The story could have ended there, but Vaimalama Chaves adds that the production tried to “force” her to “give in”.

The tough choice

The singer affirms that one tried to “convince her to go there by the media pressure which this emission will bring”, which she qualifies as “blackmail”. “I hate it, so my no remained a no,” writes Vaimalama Chaves again.

Adventure Line Production, for its part, denies having made the forcing with the celebrity. The company has insured with TV Magazine “not to coerce anyone when an insurmountable phobia is stipulated by a participant”. According to them, the rules of the game allow in any case to have several options thanks to Father Fouras’ “Cornelian choice asset”: confront his “phobia for two clues or give way to another candidate but for only one clue ” . Caroline Margeridon therefore went to confront the spiders.

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