Use Apple Watch as a remote shutter for your iPhone camera

One thing I didn’t have in mind when I bought it: the Apple Watch is a great remote for the iPhone camera, essential for certain photography and filming situations.

Here I give you a little insight into how you can use your Apple Watch as an ingenious remote control for your iPhone camera. For photos and videos.

Open the remote control on the Apple Watch

You can do this by opening an application already installed on your Apple Watch. This is called the remote camera. The easiest way is to ask Siri. To do this, press the digital crown and say “Open (the) camera”. This will open both your Apple Watch remote and your connected iPhone camera.

You can also find the app in the app overview of Apple Watch. The icon is gray and depicts an arrow pointing to a fake camera shutter (see image above left).

What options does the remote control offer?

You can either trigger directly with a 3 second timer or tap the 3 dots. In the window that opens, you can activate or deactivate the timer, switch between the front and rear cameras and adjust the flash, Live Photos and HDR.

That’s it for the setting options on the Apple Watch. You control everything else in the camera app. If you don’t want to use your iPhone’s camera, but instead want to switch to another mode, such as video, cinema, portrait, you must select that mode directly on the iPhone.

Does it only work with Apple’s camera app?

Many camera apps from other vendors also have a watch app that you can use as a remote. For example Camera+, Filmic Pro or DSLR camera. And these are just a few examples. You can see if your favorite camera app also has a watch app in the App Store.

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Why do you need a remote control for the iPhone camera app?

Such a remote control is very convenient. For example, so as not to have to rush to free space for a group photo before the timer expires. You can also check before triggering if Uncle Karsten’s head has been cut off.

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Or with long exposures. Using a remote will ensure you don’t shake the shot when you press the shutter button.

Also essential for conclusion videos

I also find my Apple Watch indispensable as a remote for my wrap-up videos here in the Trending Blog. By looking at the watch, I can position myself in front of the camera as I wish. I can assess position and lighting before pressing the shutter and don’t have to switch between the front and back of the iPhone.

I started and ended this video with the Apple Watch

In theory, you could also place your iPhone in a convenient spot in the room and take a picture of the people there from time to time without them noticing. This can result in beautiful, candid photos at family gatherings, for example. In practice, however, you are not allowed to do so without informing those present. So let me know – and disassemble the iPhone if anyone disagrees.

Do you also use your Apple Watch as a remote control for your iPhone camera?

Can you think of other application examples? So leave a tip in the comments.

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