“Unacceptable and very unfair!” : Lorie Pester deprived of a shoot because of her pregnancy, she gets angry!

Lorie Pester returns to our screens from Saturday September 17, 2022 in The Duchess Mysteries, on France 3. She thus embodies Maud Artuis, a captain of the gendarmerie whose pregnancy is coming to an end but who wants at all costs to continue her investigation into a murder. The 40-year-old actress has, during a shoot, experienced the joys of a future mother. If she is wearing a fake belly this time, remember that the beauty was indeed pregnant not so long ago since she welcomed her daughter Nina in August 2020. Reconciling pregnancy and work like her character, she knows. The difficulties too, as she says in an interview.

Questioned by our colleagues from the magazine TV 7 Days, currently on newsstands, about continuing a professional activity during pregnancy, Lorie Pester delivers her feelings. “Frankly, other than women having problems or having to stay in bed, I don’t see why they shouldn’t work, being pregnant is not a disease. Besides, I lived itshe remembers before telling an anecdote about it. Three months pregnant, I had been taken for a TV movie and the insurance companies had refused to insure me. I found this unacceptable and very unfair.. On the other hand, pregnant, I also noticed that many people do not let you pass in the queues. It’s incredible.“This is how readers learn that the ex-girlfriend of Billy Crawford, in the cast of Dance with the stars (TF1), was deprived of filming because she carried life!

Once she became a mother, Lorie Pester discovered other constraints. Like that of leaving his little Nina to work at the other end of France… Thus, to shoot The Duchess Mysteries, she had to leave her little girl at home. “My parents had a setback and couldn’t join me with her. Nina was looked after by the crèche, her grandparents and her dad. I only saw her on weekends and it was very hard! Sunday night I was in tears in the cabshe confides to Entertainment TValso on newsstands this week. It’s a choice, I’m a mom, but I want to continue my job.“There is no doubt that the reunion must have been intense between mother and daughter!

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