Ultimo, cocktails and pasta!

If you’ve been following my columns for some time, I have something to share with you. Often single and with a tendency to swipper a lot – a lot – on dating apps (it must be said that it works rather well in a city like Lyon), I make it a point of honor to discover on each first date a new address.

Which, when you’re not very physiognomist and you remember the flavors more than the conversations, is quite practical.

In addition, this rule pushes me out of my neighborhood and my comfort zone. It also allows me not to meet my group of friends during my romantic dates (#groslourdos).

My favorite place: a wine bar or cocktail bar with a cozy atmosphere, which serves small plates of chic tapas. Perfect to shorten an evening if the meeting, or the kitchen, or both (it happens) do not pass.

This long intro leads me to tell you about Ultimo tested a few weeks ago during a first meeting.

Charming and kitsch Italian terrace

I love the little Rue Guiseppe Verdi, wedged between two large facades and squatted with tables and chairs. You can see without being seen and the ambient hubbub is more discreet than on the other terraces on this festive street corner.

Little more info
✌ Aperitif atmosphere with free foccacia ✌

An orange plastic tablecloth and faux daisies earn me points with my girlfriend, who finds this kitschy decor very much to her liking. We sit on the plastic lemonade crates – not as uncomfortable as it sounds – and scan the menu.

Italian cuisine… Among other things.

If the cuisine is mainly Italian, we are surprised by the few proposals that denote. Thai beef tartare, egg mayo, katsu Sando… We feel that in the kitchen, we enjoy surfing on the trends that are taking off at the moment.
And why not, since it works!
So we order the katsu Sando. This famous Japanese sandwich made of sandwich bread, breaded chicken and white cabbage with mayonnaise. It is plentiful and delicious. We greedily bite into it, while exchanging looks half embarrassed, half excited, fingers full of dripping sauce.

We also enjoy a plate of tender aubergine with tamarind leaves and a small tomme of goat cheese from Isère. To put an end to regional inconsistencies, we wash it all down with a jar of Tuscan red wine (which stings a bit).

Little more info
✌ The pasta is prepared on site every morning ✌

We thought we could continue with a dish of fresh homemade pasta, which is still the specialty of the menu, unfortunately, these 3 entries have already wedged us well.

And above all, I feel that my meal partner does not want to appear too greedy on the first date and seems to curb her cravings. Or maybe she’s having a bad night with me and she wants to cut it short?

(NDL a few days later: It is the 2nd option, the young lady did not follow up after this evening).


I will be back for the homemade pastas al ragù, the chicken croquettes, the arancinis and the pavlova. In short, I would go back on an empty stomach and well (better?) accompanied… Because at Ultimo, the cuisine is good, the flavors just right, the service meticulous and the spritz flows freely!


💰 €12 for the pasta dish – €12 for the katsu sando – €2 for the arancino – €8 for the spritz
🏠 4 rue Guiseppe verdi, 69001 Lyon
🚇 Transportation
🕐 Open 7 days a week, bar from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. | restaurant service from 12 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
💻 ultimolyon.fr
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