Ukraine: one of the most famous Russian singers criticizes the war

Russian singer Alla Pugacheva, variety superstar for decades, wife of comedian Maxime Galkine, placed on the list of “foreign agents” in Russia, denounced the conflict in Ukraine on Sunday, referring to the death of soldiers “for illusory goals.

This is how Alla Pugacheva, 73, reacted on her Instagram account, followed by nearly 3.5 million people, to the announcement on Friday of the placement of her husband on the infamous list of “agents from abroad” in Russia. “I ask you to classify me among the foreign agents of my dear country,” she wrote, in a message to the Russian Ministry of Justice.

“Because I am in solidarity with my husband, an honest, honest and sincere person, a true Russian patriot, incorruptible, who wishes his homeland to prosper and live in peace,” she says. According to her, her husband, currently abroad, wishes in Russia “freedom of expression and an end to the death of our boys for illusory objectives which make our country a pariah and weigh on the lives of our citizens”. , she continued.

Alla Pougatcheva reigns since the Soviet period on Russian-speaking pop and she is still considered one of the most famous singers of the former USSR.

Just recently in Russia

She had not publicly discussed the conflict until now. However, Russian media reported that she left Russia after the offensive began. Recently, she passed by Moscow again and was seen on September 3 at the funeral of the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, who had tried to introduce democratic reforms in the 1980s.

The Russian authorities have punished with thousands of fines, but also prison terms, any criticism of the intervention in Ukraine. Several Russian artists who denounced the conflict saw their concerts canceled in the country. Alla Pugacheva met President Vladimir Putin on several occasions, but never openly supported him.

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