UK player wins full €193m jackpot

The Euromillions draw for this Friday, September 23, 2022 made a very big winner for 193 million euros. Tonight, a British player had the chance to win the day by winning this exceptional jackpot!

That’s it, the EuroMillions jackpot was won today in the draw for this Friday, September 23, 2022. It was a British player who was the only one to find the winning combination of the European lottery, pocketing the coquette sum of 193 million euros in a draw marked by the very low participation of Belgian players who were unable to play online! Throwback to a crazy Euromillions evening!

EuroMillions draw for Friday 23 September: results in detail

The long-awaited draw of this Friday, September 23 was followed by more than 40 million players throughout Europe, a participation in very strong progression compared to the previous week and which demonstrates, if it is still necessary, that the Euromillions European lottery still has a great speed!

Among all the grids that were played this evening, only one found the following winning numbers: 22 35 48 15 14 and the stars 8 3. It’s a grid ticked by a British player who once again hit the mark, bringing the number of lucky players in the United Kingdom to 6 in 2022 alone!

Victory for a Briton, again!

English players are in luck for this year 2022. Since the beginning of the year, 6 players have won Euromillions jackpots and not the least. Even today, with this gain of 193 million euros, this player ranks 3rd among the biggest wins recorded this year in the European lottery.

Unheard of before, among the six lucky Brits, only 1 player won a prize pool of less than €100m while two other lucky ones took home €128m and €130m, not to mention two very big winners at more than 200 million euros each. During this last draw on Friday, September 23, this fresh winner is also close to the fantastic bar of 200 million euros, now richer by 193 million euros.

193 million euros: 3rd biggest prize pool of 2022

The jackpots of the average Euromillions continue to increase as the years pass. Combining a loss of interest from players for “small” draws as well as a lower chance of players for rank n°1, the long series of draws without winners were numerous in 2022, allowing the pots to cross new records.

In the July 19 draw, the record jackpot of 230 million euros was also won in the United Kingdom, while on May 10, 215 million euros were won across the Channel.

With this new gain of 193 million eurosthe happy owner can boast of having become the 3rd biggest Euromillions winner of this exceptional 2022 vintage.

Record jackpots won in 2022 Draw date Winner’s country
🏆 230.000.000€ July 19 UK
🥈 €215,840,341 May 10 UK
🥉 193.007.524€ September 23 UK

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