Ugo Berthet and Thibault Hostiguian French champions of Pizza a Due

It was around a walk in the woods that the gourmet pizza of Ugo Berthet, chef of Celeste Pizza, in Voiron (Isère) and Thibault Hostiguian, of Pazzi di Pizza in Lyon, imposed itself during the 6th edition of the Pizza a Due competition, organized by Galbani Professionale, as part of the 16th French Pizza Championship. Their Passaggiata Nel Bosco convinced the jury, chaired for the second consecutive year by Vittorio Beltramelli and Julien Serri, as well as industry professionals, including Jérémy Viale, World Champion of Pizza a Due 2019, ahead of the 7 other finalists of a competition whose particularity is to put in the running duos composed of a pizza maker and a chef, having 20 minutes to develop their gourmet pizza.

Ugo Berthet and Thibault Hostiguian therefore win their ticket to participate in the Pizza a Due world championships, organized during the Campionato Mondiale della Pizza in Parma, as well as a day of preparation and advice before the final with the presidents Julien Serri and Vittorio Beltramelli .

Second place in the competition was won by Jean L’Helgoualch (La Corneille Gourmande – 34) and Vincent Berthelon (Le Sun Beach – 71) with their creation “Pizza Printanière”; the 3th step of the podium goes to the duo Giuseppe Tagliarini and Gaetano Mammona (La Casa verde – 57) with their pizza “From our Italian roots to our land of Lorraine”.

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