UAD Spark plug-ins natively support Apple Silicon chips

Last March, Universal Audio launched a small revolution by offering some of its excellent audio plug-ins (including Neve slice emulations) on Mac as a subscription (and without the need for in-house hardware). The firm announces that all plug-ins are now supported natively on Macs with an Apple Silicon chip.

If access to plug-ins via a subscription is already a significant change in the firm’s business model, the revolution comes from the fact thatit will not be necessary to have a Universal Audio interface to launch the plug-ins within its STAN (for Digital Audio Workstation) favorite. Even better, users who have already purchased certain plug-ins from the UAD store will then be able to take advantage of the native version (ie without the need for a Universal Audio signed interface). The Spark subscription is already available on Mac (fall 2022 on Windows) for $19.99 per month (or $149.99 per year), and a 14-day free trial is offered.

As a reminder, previously the effects catalog was only accessible if you had an interface of the brand, the number of plugins that could be activated simultaneously then depended on the presence of 1, 2, 4 or 8 on-board SHARC processors. The Spark subscription allows you to launch as many plug-ins as your processor can support.

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