Two years before her death, did Princess Diana predict her fatal car accident?

A shattering revelation, and new questions concerning the death of the Princess of Wales. Twenty-five years ago, on August 31, 1997, Lady Di was the victim of a tragic road accident. A disaster that could have been avoided? This is in any case the thesis supported in the documentary “The Diana Investigations”, broadcast on the Discovery + platform, and taken up in an article published by the British media The Daily Beast.

According to a letter written by her lawyer at the time, Victor Mischon, Lady Di would have anticipated her own death. Let’s go back to 1995, two years before his fatal car accident. During a meeting with her adviser and her personal secretary Patrick Jephson, the princess reportedly said that “several reliable sources”, whose identities she refused to reveal, informed her that attempts to “get rid of ‘elle’ would be effective the following year. Among these attempts, the possibility of a road accident.

No plot to kill Lady Diana

After the 1997 crash, Diana’s solicitor drafted a note and then passed it on to Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Paul Confon. But he did nothing, and it was only in 2004, with his successor, John Stevens, that this letter was added to the investigation file. However, this memo has never constituted solid evidence, according to the police. Stevens said he was “100% sure” there was never a plot to kill Prince Charles’ first wife.

On August 31, 1997, Lady Di was in a Mercedes with her husband Dodi Al Fayed. The vehicle was driven by Henri Paul, the director of security at the Ritz, who had nearly 1.80 grams of alcohol in his blood that day. Well above the allowed limit. To which must be added the taking of antidepressants. Then chased by paparazzi, the car drove at full speed into the tunnel under the Alma bridge, before colliding violently with a pile of the bridge. Only the bodyguard escaped unscathed.

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